Department of Materials and Rheology


The research work in the department are the coarse-grained fine-grained and fiber cement composites (mortars, concretes, filling and grouting mixtures, self-hardening slurries and so on)

Head of department: Prof. Ing. Martin-Tchingnabé Palou, Dr.

Chemical Analysis of Samples
Research Activities – Steel Reinforcement Corrosion
Research Activities – Carbonation
Research Activities – Concrete Behaviour at High Temperatures
Research Activities – Geosynthetics Mats
Laboratory Facilities and Services

Persons: (sorted alphabetically)

Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bučičová, Sylvia
laboratory worker 02/ 5930 9259
Dragomirová, Janette Ing.
research worker 02/59309266
Kuliffayová, Marta Ing.
research worker 02/ 5930 9202
Kuzielová, Eva Ing., PhD.
research worker 02/ 5930 9260
Orešková, Gabriela Mgr., PhD.
science worker 02/ 5930 9262
Palou, Martin-Tchingnabé Prof.Dr.Ing.
Head of Department of Materials and Rheology 02/ 5930 9268
Žemlička, Matúš Ing.
research worker 02/ 5930 9256