Research of direct component of daylighting in architectural and interior environment

web-logo-project4 No.: VEGA 2/0017/20
Duration: 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2022
Teamleader: S. Darula
Team members: S. Darula

Development in daylighting research is directed to better utilization of skylight and sunlight.Evaluation according to the most unfavourable condition is reasing and climatic approach of annual daylight utilization is introduced.Research of diffuse aylight availability has brought methodology of the standard interior daylighting evaluation.The availability of the direct component of the global illuminance which contributes to the dynamics of visual environment and influences physiological functions of human body is not yet explored. Sun radiation is the main source of life on the Earth.In the urban area the important role plays architectural formation of environment.The building and architecture are seen as a static element with given attributes.New approach requires solutions of adaptable and flexible forms based on the diversity. Project will search availability of direct illuminance, influence of sun radiation on the quality of the interior environment and adaptable and flexible architectural forms.