Research and development of multi-component cementitious blends for special construction materials

Grant No. APVV-19-0490
Duration: 01. 07. 2020 – 30. 06. 2024
Principal researcher: prof. Dr. Ing. Palou, Martin-Tchingnabé

The project deals with the development of multicomponent cementitious binders for the design of special structures, namely heavyweight concrete, fiber-reinforced self-compacting mortars, and cements for high-temperature hydrothermal wells. It focuses on determining and understanding the basic principles of the chemistry, including kinetics, phase equilibrium, and stability of hydration products under normal and hydrothermal conditions in relation to the mineralogical and the chemical composition of the multicomponent cementitious materials. Furthermore, the simultaneous action of substitution level (dilution effect) and alkali-activated reactions together with the synergic effect of different supplementary cementitious materials have to be evaluated and understood for the successful development of particular multicomponent cementitious materials. Finally, attention will also be paid to the determination of the important engineering properties of final materials (pore structure parameters, mechanical properties, durability).