1. Institute of Construction and Architecture is focused on fundamental research:

  • Mathematical-physical modelling and numerical simulations of multi physical phenomena in composite materials.
  • Development of advanced computational methods for modelling of smart materials.
  • Development of low-CO2 multicomponent binder materials for special applications.
  • Heavy-weight and self-compacting concrete with radiation shielding properties.
  • Heat and mass transfer in building materials and structures, modelling of thermophysical properties of building materials, simulations of hygrothermal fields in porous media.
  • Modelling of microphysical and optical properties of materials, radiation and heat transport of in nonhomogenous multicomponent media.
  • Nano- micro- structures, methods and theory of electromagnetic (optical) diagnostics of disperse systems.

2. Provides advice and other expertise services relating to the main activity of the institute.

3. Carry out scientific education in accordance with generally applicable law.

4. Ensure the publication of the results of research activities through periodical press.
    Issuing periodical press is governed by the resolutions of the Presidium of SAS.