Department of Materials and Structures


• Fundamental research on multicomponent cement pastes, mortars, and concretes
• Special applications of developed cement composites, such as geothermal wells, high-performance concrete constructions with radiation shielding properties
• Developing of materials fulfilling ecological and economic requirements connected with reduced CO2 footprints, saving of natural resources, and using of locally available materials and by-products.

Head of the Department: prof. Ing. Martin-Tchingnabé Palou, PhD.

Current research activities:

Study of carbonation and combined chemical corrosion of cement composites caused by the effect of geothermal water
Investigation of the degradation impact of high temperature and pressure
Design and optimization of heavy-weight concrete compositions for the fields with different degrees of ionizing radiation
Development of fiber-reinforced heavy-weight self-compacting mortars with special protection properties against ballistic missiles

Current scientific projects:

Research and development of multi-component cementitious blends for special construction materials
Study of multicomponent cement material degradation under conditions simulating CO2 enriched geothermal environment
Material composition and properties of self-compacting heavyweight concrete

Scientific projects solved in the last 5 years

Study of hydration process and microstructure development in multi-component cementitious binders
The effect of chemical composition of concrete on its long-term performance in irradiated environment
Research on high-performance cementitious composites under hydrothermal conditions for potential application in deep borewells
Material and mechanical performance of heavy-weight self-compacting concrete
High porous inorganic materials for thermal insulating applications

The most significant results in last 5 years

Submitted patent applications

Consultation and services

Persons: (sorted alphabetically)

Name / Position E-mail Phone
Bučičová, Silvia

laboratory worker 02/ 5930 9259
Czirák, Peter Ing.

doctoral student, research worker 02/ 5930 9257
Čepčianska, Jana Ing.

doctoral student, research worker 02/ 5930 9266
Dubaj, Tibor Ing., PhD.

senior researcher
Habovštiak, Martin

laboratory worker 02/ 5930 9248
Hollý, Ivan doc. Ing., PhD.

Martinovičová, Bibiana Ing.

doctoral student, research worker
Palou, Martin-Tchingnabé Prof.Dr.Ing.

Director of institute, leading researcher 02/ 5930 9268
Papán, Daniel doc.Ing., PhD.

Slávik, Richard Ing., PhD.

researcher +420 778771017
Tawfik, Taher Anwar MSc., PhD.

Vedrtnam, Ajitanshu Mgr.

Žemlička, Matúš Ing., PhD.

senior researcher 02/ 5930 9211