Department of Materials and Structures


The main focus of the research team from the Department of Materials and Structures is to perform fundamental research on multicomponent cement pastes, mortars, and concretes. The developed cement composites are designed for special applications, such as geothermal wells, high-performance concrete constructions with radiation shielding properties. In accordance with the current requirements, the materials have to possess not only sufficient engineering properties, but also have to fulfill ecological and economic requirements connected with reduced CO2 footprints, saving of natural resources, and using of locally available materials and by-products. The cross-disciplinary approach allows to utilize the knowledge from chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, and material engineering.

Head of the Department: Ing. Eva Kuzielová, PhD.

Current research activities:
study of carbonation and combined chemical corrosion of cement composites caused by the effect of geothermal water;
investigation of the degradation impact of high temperature and pressure;
design and optimization of heavy-weight concrete compositions for the fields with different degrees of ionizing radiation;
development of fiber-reinforced heavy-weight self-compacting mortars with special protection properties against ballistic missiles.

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