mech_iDepartment of MECHANICS

The research activity of the department concerns the theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of study of deformable continua of solid state.

mater_iDepartment of MATERIALS and STRUCTURES

The department is currently focused on fundamental research in the area of multicomponent cement pastes, mortars, and concretes.

bphys_iDepartment of OPTICS and THERMOPHYSICS

The research in the field of heat, air and moisture transfer, daylight and solar energy in building structures and buildings.

lab_iLABORATORIES of the Institute

The Institute operates large mechanical and technological laboratories, a laboratory of building physics, and analytical laboratories for material characterisation.

logoDepartment of DIRECTOR

The director’s department manages and shapes the scientific direction of the Institute.

logoECONOMIC Department

Economic Department provides economic, technical and administrative supports for the scientific departments.