Department of Mechanics

mech_iThe research activity of the department concerns the theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of study of deformable continua of solid state.

Head of department: Prof. Ing. Ján Sládek, DrSc.

Experimental Mechanics and Applied Optics
Continuum Mechanics and Computational Mechanics
Anisotropic materials
Coupled problems: Magneto-electro-elastic materials
Local integral equations
The LIE method in magneto-electro-thermoelasticity
Gradient piezoelectricity

Persons: (sorted alphabetically)

Name / Position E-mail Phone
Hrytsyna, Olha Mgr., DrSc.
senior scientist 02/59309212
Pihua, Wen Prof.
senior researcher
Profant, Tomáš Ing., Doc.,PhD.
senior researcher
Repka, Miroslav Ing., PhD.
senior researcher 02/ 5930 9214
Sátor, Ladislav Ing., PhD.
senior researcher 02/ 5930 9216
Sládek, Ján Prof. Ing., DrSc.
head of department 02/ 5930 9210; 02/ 5478 8662
Sládek, Vladimír Prof. RNDr., DrSc.
senior researcher 02/ 5930 9210; 02/ 5478 8662
Vrabec, Marián Ing.
research worker 02/ 5930 9263