Effect of nano-, micro-, and meso-nonhomogeneities in the macroscale thermomechanical performance of composite structure members

No.: SK-UA-21-0010
Duration: 01. 01. 2022 – 31. 12. 2023
Teamleader: J. Sladek
Team members SVK – team: M. Repka, O. Hrytsyna
Team-members UA – team: Y. Tokovyy, A. Yasinskyy, L. Haiduk

This project is aiming to develop methods for the analysis and optimization of the thermomechanical performance of nonhomogeneous structural members operating under thermal, electrical, and mechanical loadings. By aggregating achievements of both the Ukrainian and Slovak partners in the area of thermomechanics of nonhomogeneous structures and non-classical theories of continua mechanics, we intend to elaborate the techniques for estimating effects of accumulated nano-, micro- and meso-nonhomogeneities in the macroscale performance parameters with account for the size effect, which were failed to be captured when utilizing the homogenization methods. The linear response of the electric polarization of the solids to the temperature gradient and coupled electro-elastic fields caused by a thermal inclusion in isotropic solids is to be studied based on the relations of a local gradient theory of electro-thermo-elasticity. The results are expected to advance the estimation of the thermoelastic performance of structural members and prediction of the feasible material profiles for nonhomogeneous composites for desired operational performance basing on their functional designation.