Department of Optics and Thermophysics

logophys_i• Scattering of electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere.
• Light pollution: theory, modeling and measurement.
• Daylighting: daylight availability and visual comfort in building interiors.
• Heat and mass transfer in building materials and structures.
• Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).
• Phase changes materials (PCM) in building envelopes.

Head of department: Mgr. Miroslav Kocifaj, PhD.

Current research activities:

Characterization of light-pollution sources
Modeling of the diffuse light of a night sky
Novel thermal management design for BIPV modules incorporating MEPCM layers
Luminance patterns on standard sky types

Current scientific projects:

Global Characterization of Skyglow
Diffuse light in urban environment: A new model, which embraces the optical properties of a local urban atmosphere
The energy efficiency of an innovative BIPV/T-TE-PCM module with PCM passive cooling
Research of direct component of daylighting in architectural and interior environment

Scientific projects solved in last 5 years:

Effectiveness of bended light guides under arbitrary sky conditions including broken cloud arrays
Generalized skyglow model and its application to retrieval of city emission function
The mechanisms of targeted resonant attenuation of microwave signals
Research of solar energy influences and integrated envelopes on the quality of the environment in buildings and cities

The most significant results in last 5 years

Services and job offers

Persons: (sorted alphabetically)

Name / Position E-mail Phone
Čekon, Miroslav doc. Ing., PhD.
research worker 02/ 5930 9242
Čurpek, Jakub Ing., PhD.
research worker
Fecko, Stanislav Mgr.
research worker
Kocifaj, Miroslav Mgr., DrSc.
Head of department, Senior researcher 02/ 5930 9293
Kómar, Ladislav RNDr., PhD.
senior researcher 02/ 5930 9241
Matiašovský, Peter Ing., CSc.
Deputy director 02/ 5930 9244
Mihálka, Peter Ing., PhD.,
research worker 02/ 5930 9237
Nasir, Alaa Ing.
doctoral student
Nečas, Aleš Ing., PhD.
research worker 02/ 5930 9250
Petržala, Jaromír Mgr., PhD.
research worker 02/ 5930 9252
Solano Lamphar, Hector Antonio Mgr., PhD.
research worker
Stidl, Sarah Mgr.
research worker
Wallner, Stefan Dr., BSc MSc
research worker