Effectiveness of bended light guides under arbitrary sky conditions including broken cloud arrays

Program: APVV
Responsible solver: Prof.Dr.Ing. Palou Martin-Tchingnabé
Annotation: The High Performance cementitious composites (HPCC) based on nontraditional binders are perspective for application in severe conditions of chemical, physical and mechanical hydrothermal load of geothermal, oil or gas wells. The development of such materials requires a systematic numerical simulation of bore wells taking into consideration temperatures, vapor pressure and deep of wells. The results of numerical simulation will be used to model the hydrothermal parameters of laboratory autoclave in order to set the suitable material compositions for the development of High Performance cementitious composites (HPCC).The project has three essential features:1. The numerical simulation of conditions in deep geothermal and oil wells for research and development of High Performance Cementitious Composites (HPCC) with exceptional chemical, physical and mechanical properties. Development of different variants of finite-element models of deep borehole structures and the specific programs to process the inputs and outputs of numerical simulations.2. Study of the chemical and physical processes leading to the formation of chemical bonds of the Non-traditional binders under hydrothermal conditions, including the evaluation of the pore structure, microstructure development and properties of High performance cementitious composites. 3. The use of laboratory autoclave under special conditions for synthesis of geopolymer zeolite and hydroceramics, such as hydroxyapatite for various applications in the power plant, chemical industry, the environment, agriculture, biomedicine, etc…
Duration: 1.7.2016 – 30.6.2020