The energy efficiency of an innovative BIPV/T-TE-PCM module with PCM passive cooling

web-logo-project3No.: VEGA 2/0095/20
Duration: 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2023
Teamleader: L. Kómar
Team members: P. Matiašovský, P. Mihálka, J. Petržala, M. Kocifaj, M. Čekon, J. Čurpek

The objective of the presented proposal is to evaluate the efficiency of an innovative BIPV/T-TE-PCM (TE, thermoelectric; PCM, phase change material) for which little or no information is available. The emphasis is the operational performance assessment of proposed BIPV/T-TE-PCM module under practical conditions. The application of an integration model requires its coupling the building energy simulation with solar radiation availability models. The integration of PCM into a photovoltaic cell is important in terms of passive cooling of the panel, whose efficiency decreases with increasing temperature and also because of its prolonged service life, as thermal expansion can cause mechanical stress to the individual cell layers. In addition, the energy stored in the PCM will allow it to be used in the next phase, e.g. for water heating. The results will be structured in terms of the assessment analysis of this innovative BIPV/T-TE-PCM façade toward improving thermal comfort and energy efficiency of buildings.