Multiscale study and modelling of composite macro-structures

No.: VEGA 2/0061/20
Duration: 01. 01. 2020 – 31. 12. 2023
Teamleader: V. Sladek
Team members: J. Sladek, L. Sator, M. Repka, O. Hrytsyna, M. Vrabec

The research project deals with the 2nd order two-scale computational homogenization procedure for modelling composite structures responses. Using the 2nd order homogenization approach, the multiscale analysis may describe more complex deformation modes than the standard 1st order homogenization. The determination of effective material coefficients including those staying at higher-order derivatives of field variables are needed in gradient theory. This can be done by comparing the solutions of certain appropriate boundary value problems (BVP) on the micro- and micro-level. In the microstructural analysis, the microstructural inhomogeneity is modelled and the BVP on the representative volume element (RVE) are solved using ordinary local continuum theory. The higher-order continuity requirements in the macro-level formulation can be met by applying C0 continuous approximation independently to primary fields and their gradients, with obeying the kinematic constraints between approximations by collocation at some internal point of elements.