Multiphysical problems in functionally graded materials plates

No. APVV-14-0440
Duration: 01. 07. 2015 – 30. 06. 2019
Teamleader: V. Sladek
Team members: J. Sladek, M. Repka, L. Sator, M. Vrabec

The project deals with a unified theoretical and numerical treatment of the plate bending in interactions with various physical fields with including some possible chemical changes. Besides the classical theory of thin plates (Kirchhoff-Love theory, KLT), we shall consider also the first and third order shear deformation plate theories (FSDPT and TSDPT). Moreover, the materials of the plates are allowed to be functionally graded (FGM), hence the governing equations are partial differential equations with variable coefficients. According to the physical fields affecting the response of the plate, we shall deal with the following groups of coupling effects in bending problems for FGM plates: (i) dynamic effects, (ii) thermo-elastic coupling effects, (iii) electro-magneto-elastic coupling effects, (iv) thermo-electro-magneto-chemo-elastic coupling effects. A unified approach based on the variational principles of thermodynamics will be applied to derivation of governing equations and formulation of boundary conditions for considered multi-field problems. The study of coupling effects will be performed via computer simulations. For this purpose, advanced numerical techniques have to be developed. We plan to elaborate strong formulations with element-free approximations for spatial variations of field variables.