Material and mechanical performance of heavy-weight self-compacting concrete

Program: APVV
Responsible solver: Prof.Dr.Ing. Palou Martin-Tchingnabé
Annotation: Establishment of network of experts from Slovakia and Korea in Civil and Material Engineering to submitthe bilateral research within the present call. The main item is about self compacting concrete (SCC) andheavyweight concrete (HWC). The present project has a challenge to develop heavyweight concretewithout segregation and with characteristics of Self Compacting Concrete.Slovakia takes the material performance of baryte aggregate concrete. Korea takes the fracture behaviorof baryte aggregate concrete and. Both principal investigators from Korea and Slovakia will successfullyconduct this bilateral research. We expects this international research will bring some of significantresearch output to the society in the field of civil construction.
Duration: 1.9.2018 – 31.12.2019