Material and mechanical performance of heavy-weight self-compacting concrete

Program: VEGA
Responsible solver: Prof.Dr.Ing. Palou Martin-Tchingnabé
Annotation: The present project deals with the development of advanced inorganic binders based on the multi-component cements containing supplementary cementitious materials (blast furnace slag, metakaolin and silica fume). An efficient use of the multi-component cements in high-performance concretes under normal and hydrothermal conditions (geothermal and oil depth wells) of application will be explored through the project. Materials will be preferentially prepared from the domestic raw materials resources. The project will focus on the study of chemistry, kinetics and mechanism of hydration in proposed systems. The interaction among particular supplementary cementitious materials, their activation process and the impact of synergetic effect upon the performance of final materials will be also investigated. In order to optimize the composition of systems the best, mechanical and physical properties will be determined as for the referential cement, corresponding binary and ternary mixtures as for the target four compounds systems.
Duration: 1.1.2017 – 31.12.2020