Study of multicomponent cement material degradation under conditions simulating CO2 enriched geothermal environment

Grant No. VEGA 2/0032/21
Duration: 1. 1. 2021 – 31. 12. 2024
Principal researcher: Ing. Eva Kuzielová, PhD.

Justness of detailed study of degradation due to CO2 enriched geothermal environment is conditioned by development of new multicomponent, even lightweight, cementitious materials, which can be used for cementing in geothermal wells as well as by potential of geological sequestration of CO2. The project is focused on complex investigation of degradation mechanism at high temperatures and pressures, which is simultaneously affected by composition of geothermal water, hydration, pozzolanic and latent hydraulic reactions, but also by high-temperature transformations of primary reaction products. It is important to study carbonic corrosion from initial stage of hydration and to focus on synergism of different types of reactions in dependence on composition, physical and chemical basis of the used additives. The investigation under the conditions affecting kinetics and thermodynamics of reactions and evaluation of their impact on utility properties will allow the optimization of multicomponent cement compositions.