Laboratory of optics and thermophysics

Department of Optics and Thermophysics

Laboratory facilities and tests

– Infrared thermography,
– climatic chambers,
– time-domain reflectometry (TDR),
– thermal conductivity (guided hot-plate method),
– measurements of air, surface and indoor environment temparatures, conductive and
radiant heat flows and determination of heat transfer coefficients (near-wall temperature profiles)
– determination of the thermophysical parameters of building materials:
thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity by the method of the monotony
heating regime of the 1st kind under the boundary conditions of the 3rd kind,
– termal resistance of building structures by the method of heat flow meter in a warm chamber,
– air permeability of materials,
– mesurements of the humidity of air and building materials,
– determination of diffusion resistance factor by cup methods,
– Equilibrium moisture content of materials,
– determination of water absorption coefficient by the water suction test,
– artificial sky with 8m diameter, sun and diffuse reflection vault,
– photometric bench,
– equipment for analysis optical properties of transparent materials,
– daylighting measurements,
– modelled measurements of daylighting in buildings under artificial sky,
– luminance measurements,
– light transmittance measurements,

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