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Architektur Tage Wien – Bratislava 2016 Wert / Haltung, Architecture days Vienna – Bratislava 2016 Value / Attitude, exhibitions, tours, lectures, discussions, 3. 6. – 4. 6. 2016

Housing is the architectures oldest theme. Every society, all generations of architects are facing the new challenges it brings.  The last century has been a milestone in the history of architecture for housing. Exactly in that time the modern conceptions of dwelling were created, which are still fundamental to the design of residential areas, apartment-blocks and family houses. However, the current social development, new environmental challenges or new technologies nowadays more or less question their relevance. Modern housing conceptions are therefore confronted whit the change of visions of private, working and public space, with the new demands on functional use of a flat or a house as well as with the shift of the ideas about the comfort and materiality of space. New typologies arose, combining various types of housing, variety of functions and spaces. We are witnessing a process of changes of the apartment-block from an isolated building to a complex structure of volumes and differentiated exterior spaces. We observe how a family house could take the shape of a fence. Current situation enables the unique opportunity to re-think and discuss again the values of housing as well as the attitude of the society they expressed.

The 7th volume of the Architecture days is traditionally organised by Department of Architecture ÚSTARCH SAV in cooperation with Austrian society for architecture OGFA. The core issue of the event is represented by the expertly leaded excursions (tours), within which the most striking contemporary housing architecture and related facilities in Bratislava and its outskirts will be introduced to the public. The visitors will uncover a broad range of housing, from apartment-blocks, through family houses and dwelling studios to buildings necessary for the functioning of the housing zones as kindergartens or schools. During the excursions in Bratislava and its surrounding, the authors of architectural works, theirs owners, or architecture critics enable visitors to look to the backstage of their creation and functioning.

The architecture days, will literally and symbolically open the doors to the best contemporary Slovak architecture, reveals their values and attitudes.

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Slovak Architecture Yearbook 2014/2015

Slovak Architecture Yearbook, takes as its ambition not only to publish the best results of recent architectonic realisations by Slovak architects (or architects active in Slovakia), but also to draw attention to the spectrum of architectural thought, the typological structure of architectural production, and the metaphorical topography of Slovakia’s architectural terrain.

The book was presented during the Days of Architecture and Design festival in frame of the discussion Bratislová: Kde sa nachádza slovenská architektúra? which was held on 25 May 2016.

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