The Register of modern architecture in Slovakia






The Register is the outcome of the work of the Department of Architecture of the Institute of Construction and Architecture, Slovak Academy of Sciences (ÚSTARCH SAV) and presents the best works of 20th century Modernist architecture in Slovakia.

Like the architecture of all preceding eras, modern architecture is a document of the historic situation in our territory, a document of specific processes and phenomena that occurred in the past century. At the same time, modern architecture represents the first authentically Slovak manifestation – moreover of high artistic quality and great international recognition – of domestic architectonic culture. These qualities underline not only its historical, artistic or functional values, but also confirm its position as a significant symbol of the national heritage.
The task of the Register is to draw attention to the most significant works of our modern architectural heritage on the part of the preservation authorities, public administration, local and city governments, the actual owners of these buildings, and even the public at large.
The Register of Modern Architecture in Slovakia is supported by the projects: VEGA 2/0171/10, 2/0036/14 a APVV 0204-07, APVV-0375-10.

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