A multiscale flexoelectric theory and a new method for real-time detection of microcracks in dielectric materials

No. APVV-14-0216
Duration: 01. 07. 2015 – 30. 06. 2018
Teamleader: J. Sladek
Team members: V. Sladek, M. Repka, L. Sator, M. Vrabec
Multiscale modeling is applied for composite materials to predict material properties or system behavior based on knowledge of the microstructure. It is very powerful computational tool for modeling of composite structures, where microstructure level cannot be applied for the whole structure due to size memory limits of available top computers. A new class of hybrid/mixed finite elements and scaled boundary finite element method are aimed to be developed for evaluation effective material properties on the representative volume element and for macro structure analyses. Both methods are applied to heat conduction problems, where microstructure effect should be considered in numerical analyses. Multiscale approach and Cowin & Nunziato model are used to analyze crack problems in composites with voids. The present project extends knowledge of crack behavior in magneto-electro-elastic solids with voids. The influence of initial electron density and porosity on the stress intensity factor and electric displacement intensity factor for crack problems in electrically conducting piezoelectric composite with voids is investigated.