Reliability study of behaviour

Department of Structures

Probabilistic optimization of the design of industrial buildings

Under the project APVV-51-024505 „Probabilistic design of structures subjected to effects of snow loads“, an optimisation study of the design of light-roof industrial buildings has been carried out – Figure 1. The data on climatic loads at representative meteorological station in Germany have been used. Figure 2 shows that the design using standardised partial factors g yields unsufficient reliability expressed by the values of the reliability index b less than its target value bt = 3.8. By probabilistic optimisation of partial factors, a close to the uniform target reliability has been achieved – Figure 3. The results as well as several failures of industrial buildings in the Middle Europe occuring during the winter 2005/2006 suggest, that higher values of partial factors of climatic loads should be implemented.

Figure 1. Representative frames of industrial buildings.


Figure 2. Reliability of buildings when designed by the standardised partial factors Y.


Figure 3. Reliability of buildings when designed by the optimised partial factors Y.