Research Activities – Steel Reinforcement Corrosion

Department of Materials and Rheology

Potentiodynamic method

Potentiodynamic method enables to evaluate electrochemical conditions for steel reinforcement passivation. This method is polarization technique working in three-electrode system: working electrode-steel, reference electrode-saturated calomel electrode and counter electrode- platinum electrode. Equipment contains potentiostat, ohmic drop compensator and suitable recorder.

Equipment for steel reinforcement corrosion monitoring by potentiodynamic method

Method of electrical resistance

Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete structures is a serious problem in civil engineering. Therefore the need for reliable detection of steel corrosion state in reinforced concrete is widely acknowledged. Method of electrical resistance is based on the well-known weakening of the cross-section of steel reinforcement and the increase of its electrical resistance as a result of corrosion. The equipment for corrosion monitoring is represented by stabilized power supply, digital voltmeter and related transfer unit. The advantage of method is that provides quantitative data on steel corrosion: reduction of cross-section, thickness of corroded layer and loss of weight of steel mass.

Equipment set for corrosion measurement of steel reinforcement by method of electrical resistance